• Used by top professionals in all disciplines
  • Recommended by vets, physiotherapists, farriers
  • Tailor made advice to ensure the best results
  • Uniquely developed products for: Stress and behaviour -stamina and energy output – sore joints

Nupafeed products are developed by German pharmaceutical Company Verla Pharm, using their superior grade ingredients and their innovative MAH® Vet formula. Nupafeed products are natural and totally legal and contain no banned substances in accordance with FEI rules.

Used in Europe for over 25 years, the MAH® Calmer liquid has now firmly established itself in the UK as the choice of top equestrian professionals and vets.

Nupafeed-UK has now expanded its product range to include more unique Verla Pharm products, offering the same high quality and reliability, which has become synonymous with the Nupafeed name. The Flex GLM horse joint supplement contains the “super” ingredient Green Lipped Mussel which is renowned for it’s unsurpassed lubrication and soothing properties. Nupafeed Staying Power supplement for horses, promotes power, stamina and energy, ideal for competing horses known to “tire” easily, and assists with muscle definition and function.

The secret behind Nupafeed products is that they have been developed on the basis of scientific findings using minerals, extracts and components of a pharmaceutical standard, ensuring the highest quality products for your animal.

With a lifetime spent with horses and a sound background in equestrianism at the highest level, the Nupafeed UK team offer advice, support and a fast, efficient mail order service.

Using a gate to keep your horses safe

Owning and caring for horses can be a really big undertaking. They are large animals that need to be kept safe in your barn or pasture. If you are going to have horses, you should know just how to keep them safe and secure during the day and night when you are not around. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by getting a gate. Gates can be made in all sizes and strengths, but as long as you have a good one such as the one on this site then you can be assured that your horses will not be able to get out.

A gate is usually the door part of a fence to a pasture. When you install your fence, it is smart to have a gate where you can then open it up to get your horses in and out of it when you need to. It is important to remember to close this gate when you leave each time though, because if you do not, your horse or horses could get out and escape. While this may not be true for all horses, it could endanger some, and when they get out, it is often hard to get them back in.

A way to make sure that your gate always closes behind you no matter what is to install a gate closer. These are little devices that go on the pole of a gate and will automatically spring back to close when you leave the door open. It is a way of always ensuring your horses’ safety, because you will not need to fear them getting out or making sure to always close the gate behind you. Because, let’s face it, sometimes our hands are full and we do not always have the time or inclination to make sure it is close. When it does close on its own, it will latch down, making it positively sure that your horses are penned in.

The safety of your horses is important and you want to make sure that you have a gate that will keep them in the pastures that you put them in. If you do not, things could happen, like they could get out or something else could get in. It is a good idea to have a gate closer installed so then your gate will always close when you leave, ensuring that your horse stays in the pen and stays safe.